How We’re Taking Charge of Our Finances

Although I've had my slip-ups in the past, I can say that I have been spending wisely more often than not. I am notorious for being the budget police because I record all our income and expenses. As in all of them--down to every centavo. Arjay kind of hates me for being…


Online Shopping: Shop ‘Til You Drop (On Your Couch)

Ever since I became a mom, I've turned to online shopping for our clothes, accessories, and home needs. Heck, if I can order groceries online, I would! I just don't like the idea of walking around a huge mall for hours just to look for the perfect dress or top or pair of shoes then falling in line for several minutes just to pay for it. No, thank you.


Lifefactory: Baby Bottles That Grow With Your Family

One of the biggest investments we make when we finally decide to have a child are on baby bottles. When we had The Princess, I remember taking over an hour going around the department store looking for the right bottle for her. There are plastic bottles, glass bottles, and there are…