Secure That School: Getting Your Kids Into The Right Place

As cities increase in population, the price of education goes up, and parents start to care more about where their children learn, finding places at the best schools is becoming harder and harder. Places will disappear overnight, with some moms and dads preparing well in advance for their child’s application…


Seda Nuvali Staycation

It had been raining non-stop prior to our trip to Laguna. The minis prayed for a sunny weekend because I told them we won’t go swimming at the hotel if it’s raining. You see, in our family, no one is left behind so if the bigger kids are going to…

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How To Start Working From Home

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As many of you already know, I work from anywhere--not just from home! It's an amazing set up for me because my husband's work requires him to move from one town/city to another. Since my work can be done from anywhere, it's easy for us to move around with him.…