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Online Business Manager | Kim Reyes, Certified OBM®

Hi there! My name is Kim Reyes.

I’m a firefighter’s wife, mom of 4, and a serial problem solver. This is probably why I started and grew so many businesses in the last 15 years.

I love solving people’s problems through my businesses!

And one problem that came up since the pandemic started is loss of cash flow or decreased income.

It’s been tough, I know, which is why I started looking for ways that people can make money even if they do it part-time and from the safety of their homes.

I found it in Young Living.

Young Living is a wellness company dedicated to manufacturing essential oils and other products that support well-being.

Like many, I started as a customer of Young Living… until I realized its potential to become a passive income stream!

Kimberley Reyes - Online Business Manager

You might be wondering, “Is this one of those businesses that will require me to recruit?”

Sponsoring people to become Young Living distributors is one of the ways to make money. But it’s not the only way.

With Young Living, you can make money from the commissions from products sold by distributors in your team AND you get company shares every month.

You read that right, you can earn shares from the company – similar to the dividends we get from the stock market. The number of shares increase as you grow your business, which is pretty awesome!

The best part? If you work with me on building your own Young Living business, you’ll get access to premium trainings worth over $10,000. 

I’m pouring everything I know about building, managing, and scaling businesses here! These trainings will cover the basics of starting a business, marketing, sales strategies, mindset, and so much more!

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