The secret to financial freedom is to spend less than you earn. Here are some budgeting hacks for the money smart mom.

Baby Steps to Becoming Debt-free

The good thing about marrying young (I am not encouraging children to marry young ha! I am just saying that there is an advantage if you look at it from a different perspective) is you are forced to become extra responsible. And you learn to be resilient because everyone's out…


Money Matters Are Mommy Matters

When it comes to a typical Filipino family set up, mothers are the ones who handle the family's finances. They have always taken the general role of managing the monthly income and directing their family's budget to the necessities that can keep the family fully functional. While they are inherently…


How We’re Taking Charge of Our Finances

Although I've had my slip-ups in the past, I can say that I have been spending wisely more often than not. I am notorious for being the budget police because I record all our income and expenses. As in all of them--down to every centavo. Arjay kind of hates me for being…