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6 Tips On Working From Home More Efficiently

I have been working from home for four years -- even before I got married and had kids. However, it is only recently that I truly learned to work more efficiently. I realized that, to be able to work from home successfully, it is important to have a plan, to…


Three Tips for Busy Work at Home Moms

When I tell people that I am a work at home mom, they usually think that all I do is to be on the computer all day long. “You’re lucky to have all that time,” most of them say. Well, ladies and gents, this is not true. Work at home…


Re-evaluating My WAHM Life

I was blog hopping earlier today and stumbled upon WAHMderful Life's Thoughtful Thursday: Are you enjoying your life? It got me thinking because everything I am experiencing now were mentioned there: getting by with four hours of sleep, putting up with microwave meals, placing the kids in front of the TV so…