"Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do, but someone you raise."

Hi, I'm Kim!

I’m a firefighter’s wife, mom of 4, and entrepreneur. This blog is our little space online where we share the beautiful mess that is homemaking, family travel, and working in freedom.

I write a lot about how I’m growing my businesses while raising a family… because it is possible!

Through this blog, I hope to inspire other parents to constantly find joy in raising a family despite the bad times and difficult moments; to nurture a loving marriage; to raise children to become world-changers, even in their own little ways; and to achieve time and financial freedom by staying true to their priorities.

Here's what I talk about on the blog...

Raising little humans while nurturing a loving marriage and growing a business may be challenging, but I want other parents to know that they can make this journey worthwhile – for their kids and for themselves. It’s all about perspective. In the Mom On Duty Blog, we share our experiences as a family so that others can use the lessons we learned as inspiration or as a guide when they do go through the same experiences we did.

Aside from blogging, I also offer digital marketing services for individuals and companies that are in the business of making people’s lives better.

Online marketing isn’t just about posting on social media. You need branding, a content strategy, and analytics so you know you’re targeting the right audience. I offer all these and more through my digital marketing agency. Click the button below to learn more.