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Playing with the hermit crabs they caught in Palaui Island

Six Exploratory Play Activities For Toddlers

When I think of learning, I used to connect it to sitting down in a classroom with a teacher in front. For little ones, however, learning happens anywhere, anytime - not just in the classroom. We started teaching the minis as early as in their infancy. According to our pediatrician, Dra. Felita…


Taming Your Toddler: 4 Activities That Toddlers Will Enjoy

The Princess is 28 months old, but we are still in for more patience-testing interesting encounters with this little one. I can't say that we have mastered the Terrible Twos, but I'd like to share a few things we've tried to somehow control the little girl. While we enjoy having a…


Activities For Toddlers: Fun With Colors

Our toddler just loves coloring (or painting or doodling -- basically, anything artsy). The problem is, she likes doing her art on our walls, on her body, on MY body. Instead of going crazy mad about all the vandalism art works she's doing around the house and on herself, we…