How To Cut Back On Business Expenses

There's a huge difference between making 6 figures monthly and taking home 6 figures monthly. HUGE! This is why I always keep this in mind whenever I'm working on my business. I've made that possible not just by increasing my income, but also by cutting back on my costs. Are…


4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

The customer is always right, goes the old saying. Although a bit of a simplification, any business owner will know how important it is to keep customers happy. Research shows that if a customer receives excellent customer service, they will tell two or three other people. But if their experience…


Income Report: First Quarter of 2019

I’ve been holding back from this for years because money is a tricky topic to navigate. But, I thought I’d share my journey here as I scale my Virtual Assistant Business this year. What better way to see if what I’m doing works is by documenting the steps I took and the results I got. (more…)

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How To Start Working From Home

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As many of you already know, I work from anywhere--not just from home! It's an amazing set up for me because my husband's work requires him to move from one town/city to another. Since my work can be done from anywhere, it's easy for us to move around with him.…