Why I Sleep Before I Spend (Or Eat)

Just recently, someone tried to borrow money from me. I'm not the type who would keep my money to myself when someone is in need, but I do have limits when lending money. This person has borrowed money from me countless of times before, but has never really paid me…


Welcome to Mom On Duty!

Welcome to Mom On Duty! This is a personal blog about a woman juggling her duties as a fire officer's wife, a Mommy to two little ones and a work-at-home professional.


Daddy A’s Special Day

Yesterday, Daddy A celebrated his 26th birthday. The plan was to have a simple lunch at their office. However, when we arrived at the fire station, his crew greeted him with the traditional dunking. When Daddy A was still in the academy, cadets begin a birthday celebration by throwing the…


My Latest Discovery: Body Sugaring

When it comes to hair removal, I have only tried four methods on my underarms: shaving, plucking, waxing and threading. I stopped shaving and plucking because of the chicken skin effect these methods cause. Also, these seem to have made my underarms darker. And so I went on to try…

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