My Battle Against Stretch Marks with Palmer’s Massage Cream

I just read an article from Smart Parenting on The 7 Most Common Skin Problems of Pregnant Women. Fortunately, out of the seven problems mentioned, I only experienced one in both my pregnancies: stretch marks.

Once upon a time, I used to love to wear two piece swim suits every time we go swimming. Then I got pregnant with The Princess. The stretch marks did not show up until the seventh month of my pregnancy. When they did show up, there were a lot on my tummy and hips. Red, ugly marks. I was devastated and at the verge of throwing away all my pretty two-piece swim wear.

I remember whining about my stretch marks problem with my friend a few months back. She told me not to worry and recommended a product that she said she has tried and tested. I went to the nearest Watson’s branch that very day and bought myself a tube of Palmer’s Massage Cream.

Palmer's Massage Cream
Palmer’s Massage Cream, Php 495 at Watson’s

I applied it to my tummy and hips as instructed: three times a day, every day. The results were fast. The next day, the red marks already lightened. After a few days, my stretch marks turned white. One month later, they were very light and can barely be seen. I continued to apply the cream until after I gave birth to Kelly. The stretch marks are still there, but they are very light. Good enough for me.

I am 33 weeks pregnant with The Little Man now and I have started applying the cream again. As expected, new stretch marks started showing up when I entered my 30th week or some time then. I let The Princess do the application for me since it’s her way of bonding with her baby brother. So far, so good.

I also saw that Palmer’s also has lotion and body butter. According to the package, the cream works best with the two other products. I might give those a try too… once I have the budget. Medyo may kamahalan lang! Sabi nga nila, tiis-ganda.

Kimberley Reyes

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