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My Syphon Coffee Workshop Experience at Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy

Who here loves coffee? I’m a coffee lover, but I never really thought about making my own coffee. Funny, isn’t it? I usually just go to my favorite cafes and order my favorite brews from them. It was only recently that I decided to try learning how to brew my own cup so my husband and I can enjoy cafe-style coffee at home. Since one of our favorites is the syphon-brewed coffee of Lido, I signed up for Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy’s Syphon Coffee Workshop.

Who here loves coffee? Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy offers various brewing workshops. |

Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy

Located just along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy offers various workshops in three categories: Barista, Bakery, and Culinary. What I signed up for, particularly, is the Syphon Coffee Workshop. They actually have a lot of workshops that teach the different ways of brewing coffee and syphon is just one of them.

Aside from the short classes (like the one I attended), there’s an option to take their longer courses that dive deeper into coffee-making and cafe management. These run for about ten days (five full days if you choose to only attend the weekend classes) and will allow you to take the barista certification after.

You can learn more about the academy and their course offerings here.

My Syphon Coffee Workshop Experience

The moment we entered the coffee lab, we were immediately greeted by the glorious aromas of coffee. Displayed on the racks are the tools you can use to brew your own cup. All these are for sale – I actually ended up shopping for quite a lot of tools. LOL! I don’t regret buying my own syphon though because mornings have never been the same since we started brewing our favorite Sagada Coffee from beans we ground ourselves (with my nifty new coffee beans grinder). Ang sarap, you guys!

Inside the Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy are various tools you can buy to make your own coffee at home. |

OK. Back to the workshop…

I booked the Syphon Coffee Workshop via TravelBook, which is my website/app of choice when it comes to all my travel arrangements, tours, and classes. I’ve been booking with them for years since they have lots of discount offers and it’s super easy to arrange everything through them. All I need to do is browse their website/app, pick my hotel/activity, then book!

Note that for the Syphon Workshop, you need to book for a minimum of two persons so my sister came along with me. Make sure you bring with you a printed copy of your booking voucher.

The workshop took about two hours – but we learned quite a lot in that short span of time with our teacher, Val. Aside from teaching us how to use the syphon, she talked about the different coffee beans and how we can best prepare them. She also answered our many, many, many questions about coffee beans, how to make them according to our taste, and lots more.

I learned how to brew coffee using the syphon method |

We were also given a chance to brew our own coffee using three different beans and with different amounts of coffee and time spent brewing them. The amount and brewing time make a difference since that’s how you control how strong you want your coffee.

I’m very happy that I took the time to explore something I love. I’m not just a coffee drinker – I make my own coffee now! 😀 Next up: Learn how to bake pastries that will go well with our coffee.


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