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Personalized Shot Glasses: The Ideal Gift For Dad

Personalized shot glasses make for fun gifts for your friends who enjoy drinking. They are great for parties, holidays, and events that deserve a drink! They are perfect for celebrating big milestone birthdays, holidays, or weddings! For instance, you can get your husband or dad engraved shot glasses they can…


Making Your Own Gift Sets

There are numerous gift sets out in the market for almost every occasion. However, because of their saturation, gifting them may seem lazy and impersonal. Prices tend to be jacked up because of cute packaging, and it’s actually a lot more cost-effective and fun to just make your own. As…


6 Nifty Game Prizes for Your Next Christmas Party

With Christmas fast approaching, it can’t hurt to get an early start on planning your upcoming party. Games are a great way to break the ice between your guests and get everyone to loosen up and feel festive. Making sure that the prizes are worth the effort of playing can…


My Syphon Coffee Workshop Experience at Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy

Who here loves coffee? I’m a coffee lover, but I never really thought about making my own coffee. Funny, isn’t it? I usually just go to my favorite cafes and order my favorite brews from them. It was only recently that I decided to try learning how to brew my own cup so my husband and I can enjoy cafe-style coffee at home. Since one of our favorites is the syphon-brewed coffee of Lido, I signed up for Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy’s Syphon Coffee Workshop.