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6 Nifty Game Prizes for Your Next Christmas Party

With Christmas fast approaching, it can’t hurt to get an early start on planning your upcoming party. Games are a great way to break the ice between your guests and get everyone to loosen up and feel festive. Making sure that the prizes are worth the effort of playing can also put everyone in a cheerfully competitive mood. 

Check out our list of nifty stocking stuffers to give out to your game winners…

Small Appliances

Small but functional items will always be a hit at any party. Regardless of your guests’ demographics, an electric kettle, hand mixer, or portable smoothie blender should be a valuable and useful addition to any home. These small kitchen appliances aren’t very expensive, either—you can pick up a couple of them at rock-bottom prices by just keeping an eye out for flash sales online. 

Home and Living Products

You’d be surprised at how many people would appreciate better knives or a good non-stick frying pan. Home and living products such as kitchenware, towels, pillows, and bedding sets can be good big-ticket items reserved for your most challenging games. Just like small appliances, you can get these products at a steal if you pay attention to sales online or in the home and living section at your local department store.

Fitness Bands

Reward your guests with the priceless gift of health. Smart fitness bands are all the rage lately; in addition to being a stylish accessory, they’re packed with meaningful features that can help someone start living a healthier lifestyle. The most basic fitness bands should be able to tell the time and count steps taken. If you have the budget for it, go for a mid-range tracker that offers more by way of functionality, such as continuous heart rate monitoring or smart notifications.

Custom Lanyards

Students and professionals alike will see the value in a custom-designed nylon lanyard. They can be used to hold identification cards, keys, USB flash drives, and other small items. Lanyards can also make these small objects easier to locate in a crowded bag or backpack. They’re not at all costly to manufacture and can be customized with original art, commemorative text, or the company logo for branding purposes.

Gift Cards

If you don’t want to personally choose the game prizes, you can have your guests choose for themselves by offering gift cards instead. You can purchase gift vouchers in a variety of denominations that can be used towards department store or supermarket goods, or pick up store-specific gift cards from popular coffee shops and clothing boutiques. Gift cards for digital goods are also a great option—your guests can use them to purchase music or apps from iTunes or the Google Play Store, or games from the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Games Store, or Steam. 


Cravings Dessert

It’s impossible to go wrong with putting up food and drink as party game prizes. Fun-size chocolate bars, bags of candy, Christmas cookies, and hot cocoa mixes will surely put any recipient in a celebratory mood. Most people won’t hesitate to compete for the chance to win a good bottle of wine or specialty liquor, or a bag of coffee beans from a reputable purveyor. To make your prizes unique, go for edibles that are intriguing enough for people to want to try but likely not anything they would buy for themselves. These include flavored salts or oils, bottles of exotic hot sauces, alcoholic or liquor-infused sweet treats, and spice blends.

Giving away prizes and presents is a great way to keep party guests entertained and engaged, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make it meaningful. Just think of what small items you’d like to receive yourself and go from there!

What’s your favorite Christmas party game prize?

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