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Tipsy Tales: An Interactive Theater For The Whole Family

A few weeks back, we were invited by Tipsy Tales to try Lambana, an immersive folklore experience. We frequent Eastwood Mall so we’re familiar with Tipsy Tales. We’ve never tried it, though, because we weren’t sure if the minis will enjoy it.

To my surprise, when I told them we received an invitation, our big kids got very excited! We’ve been to theaters before, but we’ve never been part of the story.

Lambana: Creating Your Own Adventure

Lambana begins with a story of which we were part of. It felt like the old days… you know, when our grandma would gather all the kids in the evening and tell a story. All the kids would go into this world of imagination as the story is being told.

In Lambana, however, imagination becomes reality. We ventured into a fantasy forest where we met different creatures from Filipino folklore – a Duwende, a Sirena, the Nuno Sa Punso, even the big and scary Kapre.

It was 75 minutes of finding our way around the forest and through the creatures that live inside it. Our group’s adventures were different from each other since we were separated and made different decisions inside.

Note: If you’re going with kids, the adventure is automatically kid-friendly. If you’re all adults, you’ll be taken through the “regular” route. If you prefer it, though, you can request that they give you a scary experience.

What Do We Think Of Tipsy Tales?

Tipsy Tales is one-of-a-kind for sure. We’ve taken the minis to theaters, but never to one like this. What I loved the most about it is not just that it’s interactive, but it actually teaches a lot about Filipino folklore as well as values.

This immersive theater experience is definitely something we’d recommend to families who are wanting to try a unique theater adventure.

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