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Physiocap: Anti-Hairloss System for Men and Women

Hair loss happens for various reasons: too much product use, ageing, and genetics. Although it may be inevitable, no one wants to be saddled with early baldness. Thankfully, we now have Physiocap, an anti-hair loss system designed for both men and women.

Physiocap was created in France by Nutrisante Laboratories. It meets the most rigorous of health standards as a Good Manufacturing Practices certified pharmaceutical company. The products are all-natural, quality assured with no side effects, and are BFAD-approved. The anti-hair loss system works by stimulating hair growth and putting life back to your hair.

My husband already has some thinning at the top of his head. It’s been a huge burden for him since he’s only in his 30s. He’s actually tried topical treatment, but those didn’t quite work out. So, we decided to give Physiocap a try. Included in the system are:

  1. Physiocap Hair Growth Supplement with Prosilium horsetail extract and 7 vitamins/minerals
  2. Physiocap Anti Hair Fall Hair Serum with Prolytein to promote hair strength and contribute to fix hair to the scalp to help slow down hair loss

According to tests, we will likely see results within 3-4 months of regular use. My husband just started so we’ll see how it goes!

Physiocap Philippines

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