My Kid Just Said #2

My kid just said the longest, clearest answers I’ve ever heard. As to how she learned to answer questions that way, I don’t know. Maybe she heard it from us. Maybe she saw it on TV. But whatever. I’m just happily surprised.

Yesterday, I cooked The Princess’ favorite dish: Spaghetti with no meat, but lots of mushrooms and carrots. She loved it so much that she had three servings!

Me: Wow, you really like pasta…
The Princess: I love pasta!

Then the other day, I asked her why her brother was crying and she gave a surprisingly long (and clear) answer.

Me: Why is your brother crying?
The Princess: Not having a nice day!

Where did she learn that?! I have no idea.

And, a few days ago, I witnessed the cutest thing ever. I showed the kids a video of the minions singing the Banana Song.

After watching the video a couple of times, The Princess started singing…

The Princess: Ba-ba-ba Ba-na-na-na!
The Little Man: Bababababababa!

My Kid Just Said


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