Corned Beef for The Queen

You know a man is for keeps when he makes you feel like a queen. Arjay does that by cooking and plating Pinterest-worthy breakfast plates. He said he treats each plate a work of art. I can't say he doesn't... I mean, look at this, this, and this! The photo…

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Playing with the hermit crabs they caught in Palaui Island

Six Exploratory Play Activities For Toddlers

When I think of learning, I used to connect it to sitting down in a classroom with a teacher in front. For little ones, however, learning happens anywhere, anytime - not just in the classroom. We started teaching the minis as early as in their infancy. According to our pediatrician, Dra. Felita…


TRAVEL GUIDE: Palaui Island

Before The Princess' Jollibee Birthday Party, we actually already had a small family celebration in Sta. Ana Cagayan. The original plan was to have a beach picnic in Nangaramoan Beach, but since Arjay's brother mentioned his trip to Palaui Island, the location of Survivor Palaui, we all agreed to check it out.…