Easy, delicious and healthy recipes by a busy mom.

Sweet Treats Your Kids Will Always Love

If you are keen to keep your kids happy at home, then there are a lot of ways you might be able to do that. And one thing that is worth trying and focusing on from time to time is making some treats that your kids are going to enjoy.…


Easy Fried Spring Chicken Recipe

Every week, the minis go out to eat dinner with their Lolo Riz. There are only two restaurants they pick: it's either Shakey's or Max's. Unfortunately, due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, we haven't been able to go out for our weekly dinners with their Lolo and most restaurants are…


Instant Pot Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe

What I struggle about the most when preparing packed lunch for my kids is the time it takes to prepare these meals. My kids leave the house very early in the morning so if I want to serve something healthy (not fried or processed), I have to wake up at…