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Chicken Cheesedog in a Rice Bun

I have been craving for burger and eat-all-you-can fries from Johnny Rockets since last night. However, I was feeling too lazy to get out of bed so we couldn't go there to eat. The plan was to go there for Sunday breakfast - I think the Eastwood branch is open…


Corned Beef and Sunny-side Up Egg ala… Noah’s Ark?

Home sweet home! After four days in Tagaytay, we are finally home. I certainly enjoyed our food trips there, especially buffet breakfasts, but nothing can ever beat meals prepared by my very artsy chef-wanna-be husband. Since we've been away for almost the whole week, there is practically nothing special in our…


Bacon and Egg Served with Carrot Rice

I love weekends! Not just because we get to have two days of family time, but also because of the food. Our family is not fond of going out on weekends; except if we need to do some grocery shopping or if there's a movie we really want to see. What…