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Arranging Some Alone Time With Your Partner

When you have children, you dedicate your life to them. You put their wants and needs first and end up spending the majority of your time running around after them. But you should also bear in mind that spending time alone with your partner is extremely important for the state of your relationship.

You read that right, my friends. You should still maintain a level of communication with your partner that doesn’t revolve around your little ones. This will remind you why you are with one another and will allow you to have a genuine adult conversation, rather than your life revolving solely around grades, playground drama, and after-school activities.

Arranging Some Alone Time With Your Partner

But how can you secure a little alone time with your loved one? First things first…

Finding a Reliable Babysitter

No nanny? No problem! Before you start making any plans or arrangements, you are going to need to find a reliable babysitter. Not only do you want to make sure that your kids will be well looked after by someone who will be able to meet all of their wants and needs, but you also want to make sure that they won’t cancel last minute, causing you to feel let down and lose any deposits or payments that you may have made in advance.

Generally speaking, family members and close friends are the best options. We usually ask for the help of my sister or my mom whenever Arjay and I are going on a date night. They happily take the kids with them!

If you are going to use professional babysitting services, make sure that you check the individual or agency out thoroughly well in advance. They should be legally checked and qualified to look after children with good recommendations and reviews.

Here are some ways to spend more quality time with your partner…

A Meal

At the top of our list of ways to spend more quality time with your partner is eating out. I’m all about not spending too much on eat outs, but you have to have one every now and then!

Tell me, when was the last time that you and your partner had a meal cooked for you? Most of the time, one of you will end up whipping up a storm in the kitchen, trying to balance a meal for you two adults and a separate meal for the children. Half of the time, you’ll probably end up giving up and all eating kids-style meals with potato shapes and spaghetti shapes involved. Raise your hand if you do this! 😀

For once, you deserve to sit down in nice surroundings and be able to talk one to one while someone else cooks for you. Not only will this give you a chance for some quality time with your loved one, but you can eat a substantial and delicious meal. You could even indulge in a glass of wine or two!

A Spa Day

Spa Days are a must for my husband and I. With the stress-level of our work, we try to have a spa day at least once every two weeks!

If you feel worn down and tired, a spa day could be the best option for you and your partner. There are so many benefits that come hand in hand with this kind of experience. The general environment will be relaxing, allowing you to let your hair down and rest. There will also be a range of treatments on offer. Consider couples massage. This can release any knots that you may have built up in areas such as your back and shoulders, manage existing pain, and encourage muscle recovery. Most spas or treatment centers also have cafes or bars on site, so you can sit down for a good conversation after. This way you tick off relaxation and conversation from your to-do list.

The Cinema or Theatre

Chances are that the last few times you’ve been to the cinema or theatre, you’ve been watching kids films or shows with your little ones. But it’s important to watch films and shows that you are interested in yourself too! You can have a truly fun night out with popcorn and hand holding, bringing back memories of your early dates. Take a look at your local cinema or theatre schedule, choose something

Ways to spend more quality time with your partner

that appeals to the two of you, and make sure to secure tickets.

Dinner Parties

You should consider meeting up with your other friends at the same time as spending time with your partner and having a breather from the kids. Host a dinner party at your home, or attend a friend’s dinner party. This will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere with good food and good company. If you have multiple couples who are willing to get involved, you could fill your social calendar for the foreseeable future!

We try to do this with our friends and I tell you, it’s a breath of fresh air!

These are just a few different ideas that you can use to get started on rekindling the romance in your relationship. Incorporate them into your routine as soon as possible!

Do you have other ideas for date nights?
Share ’em in the comments section below!

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