Camping at Baler

Since the hubby’s family resides in Tuguegarao, the only time we can really have a long vacation together (we only go there for weekend-long vacations) is during the Holy Week when everyone has no work. Instead of going all the way to Tuguegarao City, we all agreed to just meet halfway in Cabanatuan City where his aunt lives.

We left Manila at around 9 in the evening with hubby’s brother. It took us about four hours to reach Cabanatuan City. It’s a good thing Kelly went to sleep during the whole drive! Since Arjay’s aunt’s house was packed, she decided to check us in a hotel. That’s another good idea because Kelly does not go to sleep when there are other people around.

Early the next morning, we started our trip to Baler. We left at around 5:30 since we had no booking; we were hoping we’d get a hotel for the whole family when we get there. Unfortunately, upon reaching Sabang Beach, all the resorts were already fully booked.

The locals suggested that we go to Digisit Beach where they rent out cottages. “Did I hear that right? Cottages, not hotel rooms?” I thought to myself. I thought it right. There were no hotels in the area, just open cottages and a huge beach lot where people can put up tents. Luckily, we brought a lot of mats and a tent with us. How I wish we had a tree camping tent – it would have been much more comfortable. Since we have a baby with us, they let us use the tent while the others went to sleep under the stars. A new experience for everyone.

Despite the uncomfortable lodging, we all had fun. It was low-tide in Digisit Beach when we arrived around noon time. But, come afternoon, the sea water came rushing into the shore. Although the sun was high up, the breeze was still very cool.

Kelly especially enjoyed our stay there. She loved the large waves and enjoyed crawling around the shore of Digisit Beach. She made the beach her playground and the little crabs her playmates. Yes, she made it her mission to catch the crabs. Lol!

It was a wonderful two-day stay in Baler. Although we had to go camping, no one really complained. We just enjoyed ourselves.

Kimberley Reyes

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