11 Mistakes Made by Divorced Parents

After divorce, whoever has child custody, it is essential to help children adapt to a new life. Divorced parents well know that the child experiences a lot of stress after the parents separate, but in trying to improve the situation and get used to the new reality themselves, they often…


Ava’s Birth Story: Going With The Flow

When I gave birth to Charlie via VBA2C, we hoped for an unmedicated birth. However, we had to do what we can to ensure my and the baby's wellbeing so although it was a normal spontaneous delivery, it was done with epidural.During one of our check-ups for my fourth pregnancy,…


Three Lessons Learned After Becoming a Mom of 3

I remember my transition from having just one child to having two as a glorious phase. Really, I felt like I was a parenting expert! My first two are around 18 months apart and the transition was pretty easy. My eldest is quite independent so I didn’t have a problem with clinginess when her brother came along. She just did her own thing. My second was such an easy baby–no problems with breastfeeding, no problems with sleeping. He was a generally happy baby. But, becoming a mom of 3 was an entirely new ballgame. Our third definitely kept my ego in check. Parenting expert? Think again, lady. (more…)

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5 Secrets To Managing Screen Time

One of the biggest issues that is debated in the parenting world is the use of screen time. We are living in a world that is digitally led, which means that there are computer games and television shows and tablets and smartphones everywhere we turn. While no parent wants to…


How You Can Instill Confidence In Your Child

It’s not easy being a parent. We need to make sure that our kids have everything they need to survive and thrive and life, which can be difficult, but then, what’s more, is that we also need to make sure their confidence and self-esteem are at healthy levels. Given that…