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How You Can Instill Confidence In Your Child

It’s not easy being a parent. We need to make sure that our kids have everything they need to survive and thrive and life, which can be difficult, but then, what’s more, is that we also need to make sure their confidence and self-esteem are at healthy levels. Given that this is something that many adults struggle with, to instill it into your child can seem like an impossible task! But it is possible, and often just by making a few small adjustments to your behavior, as we’ll see below.

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Watch Your Language

There’s an uncomfortable aspect to parenting that rarely gets mentioned. It’s that our children learn much more from us than we intend. It’s not just the positive lessons, the ones that we consciously try to teach them that they learn. They also learn the negative lessons, the ones that we don’t even realize we’re teaching. If you’re a generally negative person, to begin with, then you might just reflexively use negative language towards your child. And you don’t even realize it! To have a confident kid, make sure you’re checking any language that might put them down.

Encourage the Passions

You can’t expect the education system to do everything for your sons and daughters. They’ve got enough on their plate! One area that’s definitely up to you is your child’s passions. If they’re excited about something, encourage them to pursue it! A parent that tries to funnel their child into something they’re not overly excited about can end up doing great harm to their confidence. To go out into the world with confidence, they need to know that, as long as it’s positive, they’re able to do whatever they enjoy, and can feel comfortable in whoever they are.

Looking and Feeling Good

Though it’s not as pronounced as it is in adults, children still want to look and feel good. Or perhaps it’s better to say that they don’t want to look bad, especially when all their friends are wearing stylish kids clothes. Though it’s not important what they look like when they’re out playing when it comes to attending school or attending parties with their friends, make sure they’re well-groomed and have nice clothes to wear. A strong look will help set standards for them, too, which will help them when they reach adulthood, when looking good and feeling confident are more closely linked.

Talk It Out

We like to think that children don’t have a care in the world, but new studies have shown that this is not the case. Children have worries and concerns just like the rest of us! As such, make an effort to have a heart to heart conversation with your child. Their confidence may be being eaten away by an issue that would disappear if only they had someone to talk to. And perhaps more than this, developing open communication early on in their life will make it easier for them to open up later on in life. It’s a long-term strategy for having confidence!

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