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On Being a Young Mom + A Trendy Giveaway

Earlier today, I watched a video that Tina of Truly Rich Mom shared on Facebook. "Mighty" is a blog post turned into a Mother's Day video. I was in tears while watching the video because it truly captured motherhood. I've had a fair share of belittling comments from other people…


Goodbyes, Celebrations and A New Look

The past week has been an eventful one. It was a week of goodbyes, celebrations and changes. Last Wednesday, my grandmother (on my father's side of the family) passed away due to old age. It was something we all saw coming. In fact, the week before last, she asked all…

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My Latest Discovery: Body Sugaring

When it comes to hair removal, I have only tried four methods on my underarms: shaving, plucking, waxing and threading. I stopped shaving and plucking because of the chicken skin effect these methods cause. Also, these seem to have made my underarms darker. And so I went on to try…

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