2019 FAMILY TRIP TO SINGAPORE (Budget + Itinerary)

Every year, I ask our kids where they want to go on their birthday. We prefer giving experience gifts instead of actual things because things often just pile up, but memories are forever. So, last November, we went on a family trip to Singapore and Malaysia after Caleb asked to…

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4 Best Family Vacation Spots In The US

As you might have noticed already, our family LOVES to travel. If not for the kids' school, my husband's work, and of course, our budget, we would've been going places every month. But since we need to plan ahead so we can set our schedules and our budget, I always…


Hong Kong 2018: A 7th Birthday Surprise

I have never been into material gifts ever since. Moreso, parties. In my younger days, I appreciated it most when my parents took me out for dinner, saw a movie with me, or played Game of the Generals with me. It was not a surprise to them that when I…


Exploring the United Kingdom

This is dedicated to Krisna, who asked me to publish a post about my UK trip. Haha! *** This post was first published in my old blog, Coffee With Kim. Minor revisions were made on June 26, 2013. In 2010, I flew to the United Kingdom for my internship and…



Most of my two months in the United Kingdom was spent in London – and I somehow regret it. It’s not that London is not a beautiful place – it is – but it is not my kind of place. If you are like me who enjoys a more quiet…