DC and Res|Toe|Run Opens The Rumble Yard, The First Action-Inspired Kids Event

I had a stage in my teenage years when I listened to rock (as in sigawan rock) music, wore loose clothes and rode a skateboard or wore roller blades. Tawang-tawa si Daddy A when he saw photos of me then — nakakatawa naman kasi talaga! Haha! I still have that skater girl within me kahit palaging pinapansin ni Queen B ang aking Assumptionista-dapat-finesse-palagi-sitting-position, haha! Who would believe I was a skater girl then, ano? *cue Avril Lavigne’s song*

BUT ANYWAY. This is why I got sooo excited when I received an invitation from DC and Res|Toe|Run. Nabuhay ang tinago kong past! 😀

Last weekend, Daddy A, The Minis and I drove all the way south to Nuvali to attend the opening of DC and Res|Toe|Run’s Rumble Yard. The Rumble Yard is the first ever weekend-long action-packed urban fair for kids. The event offers numerous activities for kids, such as riding micro scooters (with the guidance of DC athletes, of course!), ceramic painting of miniature DC skateboard decks, balancing on a gyroboard, racing at the Xbox station and many more!

Edilyn Yu, DC Brand Associate said:

We want to embody the fun, active and exciting lifestyle of the youth today and join them as well through Rumble Yard… There’s an energetic side in all of us, from parents down to the kids, and this is what we wish to relive through the fun-filled weekend.

Dale Camandang, Res|Toe|Run’s Marketing Officer added:

The idea of putting up an action-packed event came to us as we wanted kids to enjoy the same quality time they have with their parents as they enter Res|Toe|Run and we wanted to bring them out of the store and into a playground made especially for them, thus Rumble Yard.

Although we didn’t make it to the program (I swear, C5 and SLEX was hell that day!), we were lucky that The Princess still had the chance to try out the different stations. Fair passes are given to kids upon entry. They then need to complete each station so they can get awesome gifts from DC and Res|Toe|Run. The Princess especially enjoyed the station wherein she has to ride a micro scooter. She fell on her first try, shrugged off the dirt from her clothes then tried again — I’m a proud Mommy!

Sounds fun? It really is! The good news is, Rumble Yard will also be at Trinoma on February 1-2, 2014 so be sure to take your kids there for a fun-filled weekend!

About DC:

Founded by Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993, DC quickly grew to become a worldwide leader in performance skateboarding shoes and renowned action sports brand. Today, DC stands as a global brand with a product line including men’s, women’s and kids’ skateboarding and lifestyle shoes, apparel, snowboards, snowboard boots, outerwear and accessories. As one of the cornerstones of its marketing strategy, DC has built a world-class team of professional skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross and rally athletes that exemplify and enhance DC’s brand, develop its signature products and support its promotional efforts.

Website: http://www.dcshoes.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dcshoes.ph

About Res|Toe|Run:

Serving avid shoeholics with tantalizing platters of both popular brands and “rare” finds via a vibrant and creatively unique restaurant concept, Res|Toe|Run continuously captivates and inspires vain shoe-buds with its ever growing menu of footwear selections, each representing a colorful variety of premium choices categorized under RES (comfortable causual footwear line), TOE (composed of slippers and sandals that stylishly adore and tickle one’s toes) and RUN (athletic-inspired shoes for active individuals).

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ResToeRunOfficial
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ResToeRun

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  1. Camille Aguila

    OMG! Nakwento nga ni Ate Denise ang iyong whole day postura na hindi kumukupas despite two kids running wild. Nung nabasa ko ung opening mo, natawa nalang ako. hahahaha. Dapat iTBT mo yung photo mo na yun. Winner!

    1. Kim Reyes

      Sorry girl, sinunog ko na ang photos na yun. Hahaha!

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