Family Day in SM Mall of Asia

Last Friday, Daddy A and my mom saw the new attraction in Manila Ocean Park in the news. Since it sounded interesting enough, our family decided to spend a day there.

Five long lines coming from the inside to the veranda of Manila Ocean Park welcomed our arrival. The Princess was with us then and we didn’t want her to wait really long just to get inside. So, we decided not to go inside anymore and transferred to MOA instead.

It was a little past two when we arrived in SM Mall of Asia. We didn’t have a huge breakfast so we were all starving when we got there. The first restaurant we looked for is our favorite – Racks. Fortunately for us, they have a branch there.

I ordered my favorite (Fish n’ Chips) and availed of the Ribs Family Platter and a plate of Hickory Chicken Barbecue. With that, we ordered mashed potato, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. We also got two pitchers of iced tea, which I wasn’t supposed to drink because I vowed only to drink water — but I gave in anyway. Lol.

After two full hours of eating and heavy stomachs, we agreed to go inside Science Discovery Center. It was really funny because my whole family were like kids running around the place and trying out all the activities. I was only able to try the flight simulator then I took The Princess around. She definitely enjoyed all the lights and sounds.

We ended our “tour” around Science Discovery Center with a 20-minute film on the Secrets of the Sun in their planetarium. I’m not a huge fan of the film — I got bored. I think it’s about time they added more interesting short films for their guests.

The department store was our next stop after Science Discovery Center. We were all looking for nice clothes to buy, but ended up trying on different hats and accessories on The Princess. Since Christmas is fast approaching, we looked for Christmas accessories the little girl can wear. One of the head bands we tried is a reindeer head band, but I think it’s too heavy for her.

So, we decided to just buy her a pilot hat that she wore the moment we bought it. She just wouldn’t let us remove it so it stayed on her until we got home. Doesn’t she look adorable?

We strolled around some more, until our sore feet suggested that we take a rest in one of the mall benches. We stayed there for a couple of minutes then started looking for a nice place to have dinner. I wanted anything seafood since the Racks ribs felt really heavy.

But, the rest of the gang wanted pizza so we ended up eating in Italianni’s. One slice of Quatro Carne (my all-time favorite) and a glass of four seasons fruit shake (one of my favorites as well), I called it quits. I just took a few dramatic shots of the place and waited for them to finish.

We called it a day after dinner. All in all, it was a pretty nice way to spend a Sunday. It was rainy, but there were still lots of things to do in MOA.

Kimberley Reyes

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