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The Princess & Little Bebeng: The littlest bloggers during the Get Hooked On DIY event

Kid-friendly entertainment at home with Kids TV on PLDT HOME Telpad

Last year, I implemented limited screen time at home and it has done wonders to our family. This “house rule” did not totally ban screens at home. It still allowed us to use our gadgets, but wisely so we can give more time for what matters most—family. Gadgets are no longer used to pass time when we’re bored (No more Clash of Clans for Daddy A! Haha) or to stay updated with everyone’s lives on social media every minute of every day (I’m guilty). Rather, we now just use our gadgets to check the news, to update our families and friends every now and then about what we’ve been up to or to watch interesting educational shows with the minis.

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The Princess & Little Bebeng: The littlest bloggers during the Get Hooked On DIY event

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The problem? Our gadgets don’t have safety features that can block content that are not family-friendly. With a three-year old and two-year old that like clicking on any link they see, they are bound to be led to content that are not appropriate for their age.

This is why it is wonderful news that PLDT HOME Telpad has partnered with Cignal Digital TV to launch Kids TV.

For just PhP99 on top of your Telpad plan, you can have access to five of today’s well-loved and family-friendly channels like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, Cartoon Network, and Da Vinci Learning. By simply clicking on the HOME Player widget on your Telpad, you can instantly watch these shows on Kids TV.

Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network house some of today’s most popular children’s shows, while Nat Geo and Nat Geo Wild give kids a close-to-real-life preview of the exciting outdoors and its diverse animal life. Da Vinci Learning is an internationally broadcasted knowledge TV channel which airs documentaries and education series on topics such as history, sociology, biology and physics.

“In addition to giving them access to Disney Interactive content right in the comforts of home, here’s another reason for kids, and their parents, to love the Telpad,” PLDT Executive Vice President and Head of Home Business Ariel P. Fermin said. “When it comes to family-friendly entertainment for kids, we only want the best for our subscribers. This new and affordable service is part of our long-term commitment to help Filipino families forge the strongest connections at home through compelling multimedia offerings.”

I love this new offer because compared to letting the kids watch using the iPad where they can accidentally click on a link that can open up to a page that’s not supposed to be for kids (it happens!), letting the minis watch via Kids TV is much safer. With Kids TV on Telpad, parents can filter what kids watch as it gives them an easy-to-use screen where only certified kid-friendly content options are available. Yay! This way, we are assured that the minis’ can have quality and safe screen time.

Interested? Existing Telpad customers may avail of Kids TV by simply logging on to on to To know more on how to enjoy Cignal on Telpad, visit

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