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5 Gifts Moms Will Love This Christmas

One of my self-care practices is to write a wish list of items I want for myself or experience gifts I’d like to give myself. As a busy mom of 4, life can get a wee bit crazy (and tiring), so I treat myself every now and then. When it’s time for a mama treat, my wish list is what I refer to. Whether you’re a mom looking for a treat for yourself or you’re looking for a gift for your mom, here’s a list of gifts moms will love!

Gifts moms will love

This 7-in-1 multi-cooker is a must have in the kitchen. There are tons of delicious and healthy recipes you can make with the Instant Pot – all of which can be done with just a click!

WHY I LOVE IT: You can just dump everything inside and the Instant Pot will do the rest of the work.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a work at home mom? This laptop table is adjustable and can easily be moved from one area of the house to another. It’s not bulky, too, so you can store it on your bedside or under the dresser.

WHY I LOVE IT: Adjustable, mobile, and sturdy.

Get the work station or kitchen more organized using this wall storage. This pegboard wall storage will make any wall Pinterest-worthy.

WHY I LOVE IT: Anything with pastel colors and will create a neat and organized for me is a YAY any day!

If you don’t have this at home, you’re missing out! If you hate the chopping part of cooking, this Speedy Chopper is going to be your best friend. It makes chopping less time-consuming and safer. Just dump whatever needs to be chopped inside, pull the line, and you’re all set!

WHY I LOVE IT: This has made kitchen preparation a breeze for me. No more accidental cuts. No more long minutes cutting veggies. (Mabagal kasi talaga ako maghiwa!)

Always drinking your coffee cold? Us moms tend to get so busy that by the time we get to our cup of coffee or tea, it’s already cold. Get this steel heater so you get to enjoy a warm cuppa every day!

WHY I LOVE IT: No more (unintentional) cold drinks for this busy mama!

This blog post contains affiliate links. I will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase any of gifts moms will love above. If you’re going to buy these, help a mama out and buy from my recommendation list! Cheers, Kim

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