I cried because I miss taking photographs.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Two days ago, I cried because I miss taking photographs using my camera (Note: a real camera, not a phone camera).

Two things (aside from Daddy A and the kids) that truly makes me happy are traveling and photography. In fact, before I started Mom On Duty, I used to have a blog with just my travel adventures (with lots of photos, of course) and followed bloggers under the travel and photography niche. I didn’t mind if I only had a point-and-shoot camera. What matters is that I really enjoyed capturing moments — even of people I don’t know — and beautiful sights.

A butterfly in the Kew Royal Botanical Garden
The London Bridge
A British guard on duty

But getting a better camera was at the top of my list then. Imagine my joy when Daddy A gave me a Nikon D3100 camera as a birthday gift a few years back. I have been meaning to get myself an SLR camera, but I couldn’t afford it just yet so I was super happy when he bought one for me.

That’s me trying out the camera at 1 in the morning. LOL! Sino ang atat? Hindi ako! 😀

I took lots of photos. Of Kelly. Of Daddy A. Of the places we went to. With a better camera on hand, nothing stopped me from enjoying what I love to do.

Mango Sorbet w/ Eggless Chocolate Mousse at Red Makati Shangri-La

Then The Princess became a toddler and I gave birth to The Little Man. Going out with two little ones, their things and an SLR camera became too much of a hassle. And so I stopped bringing my camera with us. With that, I stopped taking photographs — well-captured ones. Instead, I settled with my phone’s camera.

Months after, I decided to take the SLR out of the cabinet and gave it another try. To my disappointment, I can no longer take shots like I used to. So, I cried. Call me a drama queen, but I felt like I lost a part of me.

I’m not blaming the kids at all — but I just wish I can give more time for myself and the stuff I love to do…


Kimberley Reyes

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