It’s a Saturdate!

After about a month of bed rest, I finally had the chance to go out with my family yesterday. Arjay noticed how bored I am and how depressed my bed rest is making me. So, when my Dad asked us to go with him to Greenhills, we both agreed.
While my Dad attended a meeting in Club Filipino, I went around with the rest of the family. We were looking for a nice place to hang out when Kelly saw this mini-Fun Ranch area. She kept pointing at it so we decided to buy three tickets for her.
That’s the little girl with her Tita. She also tried out the ferris wheel and was waving at us the whole time. She’s a brave baby!

Moving on. As odd as it may seem, all of Kelly’s shoes are either missing (Kelly has this habit of hiding things and we never get to find them!) or broken. There are a lot of kiddie stores in Greenhills so it was the perfect place to look for comfortable shoes for her. After more than an hour of scouting children’s stores, we were able to buy three pairs. Good enough.

We passed by Toy Kingdom as well so I asked Arjay if we can buy blocks for Kelly too. I’ve been meaning to buy her a set of blocks, but since I was advised to go on bed rest, I wasn’t able to buy any.
Fisher-Price Blocks, P799.75
Hours of walking around finally took its toll on me. I felt lower back pain and hip pain so I suggested that we have some rest. We ate a box of cinnamon rolls and a pack of churros in Dulcinea (yes, I eat that much now- shame) then headed to Promenade.
We were supposed to have a cup of hot chocolate in Xocolat, but the seats were all taken. I need a comfortable place to rest so my Dad suggested that we watch Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter. But, since it’s R13, we couldn’t bring Kelly with us so my parents took the little girl with them and let Arjay, my sister and I watch the movie.
Photo from Wikipedia
The movie is actually nice. It took the life story of Abraham Lincoln and added a twist to it. I’d talk more about it, but I’d rather suggest that you watch it yourself. It’s not a waste of money, promise. 🙂

That’s all! I hope you are all having a very nice weekend!

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