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Kelly’s 9th Birthday: Lasagna, Milk Tea, and Nutella Cake

As we were planning the year ahead towards the end of 2019, part of our plans was to fly to Taiwan for our wedding anniversary and Kelly’s birthday (both in May). We already heard the news about Wuhan then, but we didn’t really think it will reach the Philippines.

Five months later, we found ourselves stuck at home for our wedding anniversary and Kelly’s birthday. Despite the quarantine, though, we decided to celebrate. Being quarantined on your birthday is depressing enough; so we thought we’d make her day special. It wasn’t the celebration we hoped for, but we’re just happy everyone is well and that there’s good food on the table.

Luckily for Kelly’s birthday, a lot of food businesses opened already and are able to deliver. My girl requested for food she’s been craving for throughout the quarantine: Kenny Roger’s roast chicken with a side of mac and cheese and Dona Mila’s Lasagna. We also ordered a gallon of milk tea from Black Scoop Cafe. We made her day extra special by ordering a custom Nutella cake baked and crafted by Clara Dolce.

I don’t know if it’s because we haven’t had all these comfort food throughout the quarantine, but man. Our handa was SO GOOD. I especially enjoyed the lasagna paired with milk tea. And we feasted on the Nutella cake for daaaaaays. 🍰

We’re super grateful we got a chance to celebrate our daughter’s 9th birthday during the quarantine. It was a simple one, but it was good.

Did you have any celebrations during the quarantine too?

Kim Reyes

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