Little Moments

I love little, sweet moments with Daddy A.

Today, while we were stuck in a traffic jam and teasing each other about who has a more superior psychic ability (hehe, more on this in another post), we suddenly went quiet and held hands. “I can’t believe we’ve been together for six years!” he said.

Six years. To think, when we started dating, I remember my best friend and I betting on how long Daddy A and I will last (because according to my friend, I have commitment issues and he was pretty sure I wouldn’t last hehe). My best friend bet for a month, I bet for six months. But, lookie! It’s been six years and we’re going strong despite everything we’ve been through.

PNPA Valentine's Hop
Daddy A (then a 2nd class cadet) with yours truly, Valentine’s Hop (February 2008)

After finally getting through the really bad traffic jam, we stopped to buy ice cream at a convenient store. I didn’t get one for myself because of my sore throat, but I was craving like hell for the bottom, chocolate-y part of the Cornetto cone. “Can I have the chocolate-y part?” I asked Daddy A just when he was about to munch on it. He paused then said, “It’s my favorite part… but I’ll give it to you because I love you.”

Aw. Little moments. These are the most precious memories, I tell you!

Kimberley Reyes

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