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Making Reading Fun For Kids

Are you looking for ways to encourage reading and make reading fun for kids? A few weeks back, we got to try the scripts from Tiny Theatre. The minis and I had so much fun reading through the scripts. And the best part? They were learning new words and improving their reading comprehension while doing it!

In this episode of Coffee With Kim, Ian Rosario from Tiny Theatre shared with us some tips on how to get kids to start reading more by making reading a fun activity for them. I also shared tips from my own experience raising readers, which I know will help other parents too.

Show Notes

  • There is no better time to build the habit of reading than NOW. Whether your kid is a newborn or a grade-schooler, now is the best time to start.
  • Be an example to your child. Carve out time in your day for reading and your kid will follow suit! At home, we spend one hour each day for D.E.A.R. Time (Drop Everything And Read).
  • To encourage your child to read, try to find out what they’re interested in then incorporate reading there. In my case, my son was interested in sharks when he started reading. So, we bought a lot of books about sharks or storybooks with shark characters. He couldn’t put the books down!
  • Make reading fun for your child by acting out stories. Tiny Theatre offers fun scripts for kids and parents to use in their shows.
  • Get your scripts here: (You’ll get 13 scripts!)
  • Use the discount code, READ20, upon checkout to get 20% OFF from your purchase!

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