My Manila Hotel Tour: General Douglas MacArthur Suite

My Manila Hotel Tour
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The third and probably the most awaited stop of our My Manila Hotel Tour is the MacArthur Suite. Once upon a time, after the Philippine Commonwealth became semi-independent, then President Manuel Quezon asked General Douglas MacArthur to supervise the creation of our very own army.

Before the General accepted his duty as the Field Marshal, he requested the President to allow him and his family to reside in Malacañan. Of course, only the President and his family can live in Malacañan Palace so President Manuel Quezon, to convince General MacArthur to assist in the creation of the Philippine Military, offered to give the General a residence as grand as Malacañan – a suite in the prestigious Manila Hotel.

General Douglas MacArthur Suite

The MacArthur Suite in the Manila Hotel is a house on its own. It has three spacious rooms consisting of a bedroom with a beautiful view of Manila Bay, a comfy living room and a dining area with a long 10-seater wooden table. It has its own kitchen and small office area where General MacArthur worked and met with officials and leaders.

Manila Hotel MacArthur Suite

Manila Hotel MacArthur Suite

Manila Hotel MacArthur Suite


Manila Hotel MacArthur Suite
General MacArthur’s Office

Being a suite in the Manila Hotel that is both luxurious and historical, it is expected that an overnight stay is pricey. How pricey is pricey? It costs USD 3,300 a night! If you can afford it, then go ahead and experience the MacArthur Suite first-hand. If it is just too expensive, you can always schedule a hotel tour by calling Manila Hotel. 🙂

Manila Hotel MacArthur Suite

Manila Hotel MacArthur Suite

This is part 3 of my five-part series on the My Manila Hotel Tour. Read my other posts about the tour here.

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