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Mom-friendly Low Effort, Multiple Income Stream Ideas

When you have a family, it can often be a struggle to bring in enough money to cover all the basics and the fun things as well. This can be particularly tough for moms, as it’s often us that have the responsibility of taking care of the finances, yet also have to deal with the kids constant requests for stuff and days out!

Happily, there are some ways that you can increase your monthly income without having to put too much effort in. Something that is pretty important when you have a whole brood of little ones that take up the majority of your time. In fact, all you need to do is read the post below to discover some mom-friendly low effort ideas that can help you build multiple income streams.


Of course, the mom that runs a blog is going to suggest blogging as the first idea! However, blogging, if you do it right, can be a great way to generate some extra income that you can either add to the monthly budget or be saved for the big things like birthdays and vacations.

Blogging can be done from home, making it one of many low effort income streams.

To set up a successful blog, the first task is to decide how you plan on monetizing it. This is because once you have that sorted, you can give some more thought to the audience you are appealing to, and the content you will produce.

Happily, there are several options to consider, including affiliate marketing where you reviews products and also backlink to them to a retailer website. Then when someone makes a purchase, you get a commission fee.

Alternatively, there is the option of hosting paid posts on your site. This is when you accept guest posts for payment, something that usually promotes a particular business or brand, as well as boots their offsite SEO.

Lastly, it’s also wise to consider paid advertising which allows adverts to be shown on your blog. In fact, this has excellent potential with the current personalization trend on the internet, because more businesses want the opportunity to be able to reach their specific audience with targeted adverts. Something that they can do via your site, and so the price per ad you can charge is likely to increase.

Overseas Property Investment

Another option for a low effort income stream is to invest in overseas property. Overseas property, in particular, is a low effort option because you can’t be tempted to go in and manage and clean the pretty yourself, as its so far away.

Of course, buying property to rent out overseas isn’t without its challenging, especially when you are at the purchase stage. In particular, you need to find a location and property that is in demand, as well as in your price range. Something that leads many people to choose to invest in an HDB resale flat in Singapore. The reason being that these are not only reasonably priced accommodation in one of the most popular cities in the world, but if you fulfill the criteria, they can be rented out for profit as well. Something that makes them an excellent investment that can top up your monthly income.

Write a book

They say everyone has a book in them, but most people never get the chance to write it. Well, with e-publishing many more of us are getting the chance to put our words out there, whether it’s a vampire novel, guidebook, or the story of our childhood.

OK, so at first glance, writing a book may not seem like its low effort. After all, getting down what we actually mean, and making it good enough for an audience isn’t always the simplest of tasks.

However there are ways around this like using voice recognition typing software, so all you have to do is speak your story, and then send it to a professional editor. Alternatively, you could always employ a ghostwriter to do it for you instead!

Then once you have published, something you can do for your self on Amazon, you could sell multiple copies and received payment for these, all from one single product.

Buy and sell domain names

You may not have come across this opportunity before, but buying and selling domain names, otherwise known as flipping can make you a lot of money without much effort at all.  

The idea behind this is that domain names are like prime real estate but in the virtual world. Therefore, big companies or organizations want to have an address that is clear and easy to remember, as this will ensure that people can visit their site.

What this means is that domain names that are like this can be worth a great deal of money to such business, and so if you own them, you can sell them for a high price. In fact, around $10,000 for a domain name is seen as pretty reasonable in some circles, making it a great way to make money for your family without having to do too much work.

Advertise with your car

Lastly, did you now that you can make money without doing anything different in your life apart from putting an advertisement on your car? Yep, companies will pay you to wrap your car with their adverts!

In fact, to get the best out of this type of arrangement you need to think smart. This is because some companies will pay for hosting the advert, but another will pay more if you cover more miles and places. That means if you have to drive a long way each day, or even better, have another job such as deliveries that take you all over your town and city, you can add to your income with minimal effort.

To get started with advertising on your family’s vehicle go to sites like Carquids and Carvatise and check their requirements and terms and conditions. Then all you need to do is get the ad fitted, go about your typical day, and enjoy the extra money that starts to come rolling in. Something that will be perfect to spend on the kids’ birthday parties, family holidays, or just squirreling away for a rainy day.

Do you know of other ways that moms like us can earn more? Share it in the comments section below!

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