My Kid Just Said #11

One time, the Princess suddenly cried while she and her brother were quietly playing on the bed. I immediately rushed to the minis to check on them.

Me: What happened? Why are you crying, baby?

The Princess: (shows her index finger while still crying) The baby ate my finger!

The Little Man: Bubba! Eat! (then giggles)

Apparently, my little girl put her finger inside her brother’s mouth and he bit her. I wish I was able to record it, though. It reminded me of one video that got me laughing for quite some time.

Hahaha! This video still makes me laugh. 😀 The minis like doing the same thing – putting their fingers in each other’s mouth because for some reason, they find it funny (or maybe ticklish?) when the other takes a gentle bite. They’re usually okay at first, but when the gigil sets in, the crying begins.


The Princess has a new teasing line and I have no idea where it came from and why she finds it funny. She usually teases her brother with those two words and for some reason, he would get so annoyed then cry. Her two words:


Can somebody explain this to me?

Kimberley Reyes

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