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Lovin’ My Mermaid Hair with the NuMe Pentacle

I love experimenting with my hair! I have gone from red to blonde to ombre; and curly to straight. However, while I love styling my hair, I also make sure that I only use products that are carefully engineered for top quality results AND protect the hair. My favorite go to brand? No other than NuMe.

NuMe Pentacle


When I was a new mom, I couldn’t care less about how I looked when we go out. I thought people wouldn’t mind seeing a new mom looking haggard because, well, she’s a new mom! I was wrong. I realized later on that, while it’s okay to go out in sweatpants and a ponytail every now and then, it’s still important to prettify yourself–even if you’re already a mom. Motherhood is no excuse to let go, I tell you! Plus, it’s a treat for your husband. *wink wink*


If you haven’t read it, my love story with NuMe began when I first tried their Magic Wand (Purchase any curling wand at 50% off through this link! Use promo code ITSONLY50 upon checkout to get the discount). That time, I only went as far as coloring my hair. I wasn’t into actually styling it since I found hair styling too time-consuming. That’s why I usually just wear my hair down or in a ponytail.

But, after giving the NuMe Magic Wand a try, I realized that hair styling isn’t so hard at all–and it takes just a couple of minutes to do! You can read more about what I think about the Magic Wand here.

A few weeks later, I thought I’d take it up a notch and try out more hairstyles. That’s when I decided to try the NuMe Pentacle (Purchase the NuMe Pentacle at 40% off through this link! Use the promo code HAIRTOOLS40 upon checkout), the first of its kind waver, crimper and curling iron in one. Unlike the NuMe curling wands, this one creates deeper waves and mermaid-style tresses. If the Magic Wand is a breeze to use, this one is way, way, WAY easier to use and takes much less time to create the perfect waves.

NuMe Pentacle Tool
Photo from NuMe

I am really loving all my NuMe tools so far. In fact, I’m already saving up for my next NuMe styling tool so I can create even more awesome hairstyles!

Have you tried the NuMe styling tools already? Share you hair adventures on the Mom On Duty Facebook page! 🙂

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