Our P59 Meal + My New Favorite Coffee Shop

We call this time of the month as “alanganing panahon” haha! Why? Because we just used our salary from the 30th of last month for our bills and it’s a long way from the 15th. We have been having grand meals in the past days so today, we decided to try a budget meal for lunch.

GG + Ginataang Gulay

Our Galunggong and Ginataang Kalabasa’t Sitaw Meal cost us just P59! For that very small amount, Daddy A, The Princess, The Little Man (yes! he’s eating solid food now!) and I were filled and satisfied. This is, by far, my favorite meal this week. It’s yummy and filling, but didn’t leave me with an uncomfortably full tummy.

After lunch, Daddy A took out a special treat from the fridge. He recently met the manager of The Daily Beans while he was going around his AOR. Since he was at the coffee shop already, he decided to try their Blueberry Cheesecake. In fairness ha, their cheesecake is better than the one in a famous coffee shop in the metro.

Blueberry Cheesecake from The Daily Beans
Blueberry Cheesecake, P160

If you find yourself on a road trip going to this part of Rizal, I suggest that you stop over at The Daily Beans. It’s just along the highway so it’s very easy to find.

So, that’s our tipid-pero-sulit meal today! What’s your favorite swak-sa-budget meal?

The Daily Beans
Km. 56 Manila East Road Brgy. Hulo
Pililla, Rizal

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