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Parenting Tips to Survive Modern Family Stress

How can parents better survive modern family stress?

Whether you admit it or not, we know that parenting can be quite stressful. Regardless if you are a stay at home or a working parent, you cannot help but be stressed on a daily basis. That is true regardless if your kids are the kindest, most thoughtful and obedient kids in the world. Stress is truly a part of being a parent. If you wish to survive the modern family stress, please take a look at the tips mentioned below:

Share tasks with your kids.

No one wants to do house chores but no one would want to do the chores all by themselves. Keep in mind that these chores have to be done. In order to minimize the stress that comes with it, it is recommended that you evenly divide household chores like taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, cooking the dishes, washing the dishes and many more. In this way, you can prevent future conflict and possible burn out (for you) later on. Since every body is doing their share of the work, no single person will completely feel as if they are put upon. Doing this is also one great opportunity to teach your kids some of the skills that they need to learn in the future.

Keep communication channels open at all times.

As a mother, you are the person who knows your children and husband well. You know when they are not feeling well, when they are not themselves or when they are acting a bit differently.

Instead of just simply dodging the obvious, it is recommended that you get direct to the point and ask them directly what is going on. Not all your children will be open to you but asking them is letting them know that they can just simply talk to you whenever they want to.

Achieve life and work balance.

The main reason why most parents are stressed out is because they spend more time on work than with family and vice versa. The key to avoiding family stress is to achieve balance between family and work life. It is not an easy thing to do but it will help keep stress at bay.

Ask for help.

If you cannot do it on your own, do not refuse to accept any help that has been offered. If your friends volunteer to babysit your baby when you go to work, take it. If you can no longer do house chores, you can also hire a help that will help keep the house in order.

We cannot deny the fact that managing a family is stressful. Regardless of how healthy the family is, it will still come with stress. Lucky for you, there are plenty of way on how you cannot just survive but even manage the stress that comes with managing a modern family. Keep your stress down to a minimum with the parenting tips that we have mentioned above.

This is a guest post by Sarah Grace Del Rosario, a mommy blogger and freelance event stylist at Del Rosario events. She also works as a community outreach specialist and blogger at Formuland, a company providing holle goat milk formula and other organic products for babies.  When not busy working, you can see her showcasing her paintings and recipe failures at

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