Regina Rica

Last week, the family and I agreed to go on an unplanned road trip. Daddy A was just supposed to go to his previous station to sign documents he left behind, but since we had nothing to do, we all went with him.

As you all know, Daddy A’s last station is located far from the city. The awesome thing about that place is that it has lots of tourist destinations, activity areas and resorts within and around the area. One of the most visited spots is Regina Rica, the home of the Regina Rosarii Shrine.

Regina Rica

Regina Rica stands on a 13.5-hectare land in Tanay, Rizal. Within the area are three waterfalls, a creek and over 10,000 trees. However, this is not a place for adventure but a place for contemplation. True to its promise, being there allowed us to relax and reconnect with the Lord. The vast land, the cool breeze, the soft sound of rushing water and the chirping birds–all these made deep reflection possible.

Candles for Thanksgiving and Good Health
Candles for Thanksgiving and Good Health

I have been told a couple of times that if you visit a Church for the first time, make a wish and it will come true. I don’t usually buy into such things, but since our Little Man was sick, I took the chance and made a wish for him. I also lit two candles–for good health and for thanksgiving–then climbed up the adoration chapel inside the Regina Rosarii statue and prayed for my boy’s healing.

Our prayers were answered because the next day, the Little Man’s blisters dried up and he was up and about again. Thank God!

Regina Rica is located along Marcos Highway, Sitio Aguho, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal (Click Here for Directions).

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