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Save big on clothes at S&R

After two weeks of getting kicked out of our condo unit because of the renovation we had done, we are finally back home! Some stability and comfort – at last!

The last two weeks have been super ka-duper hectic. Aside from us having to stay at my mom’s, the Princess also started school. While I love staying at my mom’s because I get to be a donya at home (haha), it’s tough because the minis totally lose their routine every time we’re there. Their Lola just can’t help but spoil ’em!

Anyway – now that we’re back home in our “prettified” home, I’m also back to restocking our pantry and closets. When it comes to things we need at home, nothing really beats S&R.

This month, you can save big on clothes at S&R with their super deals this July. You still have one week left to shop so drop by!

One of our recent purchases, which the minis have been asking me to get, are the cute and colorful socks sold at S&R. Living in a condo, we need to have the airconditioner on all the time to keep our home cool and comfortable. And because it feels cool inside, the minis keep asking for socks to keep their feet warm.


For 9 pairs per set, you can get the cute Girls Socks (1) and Boys Socks (2) at just PHP579.95!!! This is a such a deal because do you have any idea how much each pair of socks costs? I love the feel of the socks too – perfect for indoor use and for outdoor play as well.

Also, if you need “pambahay” clothes, I find the Ladies Knit Tops (3) really comfy. At just PHP299.75 each, this one is also a very good deal to grab this month! Of course, they also have round neck shirts and tank tees for the man of the house at PHP349.95.

And by the way, don’t miss S&R’s buy 1 take 1 deals on their scrumptious baked goodies made daily, like the US Bagels at just PHP179.95. You can avail the buy 1 take 1 promo from July 25 to July 31 – don’t miss it!

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