A Thanksgiving Dinner Hosted by the Singapore Tourism Board, the Screening of “Iloilo” and a Lucky Call

Singapore Tourism Board Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday, Daddy A and I were invited to the Singapore Tourism Board’s Thanksgiving Dinner at Maxim’s Hotel followed by an advanced screening of Anthony Chen’s “Iloilo.”

Knowing that important people will be there, Daddy A and I dressed up for the red carpet. The funny thing is, while we were lined up at the valet parking, we realized that we left both our wallets at home. Itong magaling kong date pala ay nilabas ang kaperahan namin noong inayos niya ang bag at nakalimutan ibalik! Haha! Luckily, we have a friend who lives nearby so we called him and asked him to bring us money. We have really good friends so despite the crazy Monday traffic, he went to Resorts World to finance us. :))

Ang nakakatawa dyan, after giving us the money, our friend went to the casino to try the slot machine. Guess what? He won more than 40k!!! Ang resulta, di na niya kami siningil sa binigay niya bilang napaganda raw ang tawag namin sa kanya. Hahaha!

Okay! Back to the event! Personalities like Singaporean Ambassador VP Hirubalan and of course “Iloilo” director, Mr. Anthony Chen, graced the event. Scrumptious food and refreshing drinks were served during dinner — most of the dishes were spicy, which I, surprisingly, really enjoyed (with lots of water on the side).

After our dinner, we headed to the cinema for the screening. According to Anthony Chen, director of “Iloilo,” one of his inspirations for the movie was their Filipina maid who was with their family until he was twelve. The movie showed the life of a usual Singaporean family and how a Filipina maid somehow changed their — especially their child’s — life.

Go see it, friends! It’s a really good movie. The drama is not too heavy and there are bits of comedy. “Iloilo” will be in cinemas on December 4th!

Kimberley Reyes

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    Yay! Lucky day for your friend. Next time, baka pwede ako naman magdala ng money sa inyo? heheh 🙂 Enjoy your new home Kim! 🙂

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