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Surf’s Up At Baler Aurora (Budget And Itinerary)

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Baler – Located 231 kilometers north-east of Manila, is one of every beach-lover’s paradises. When in town, you can take in the beautiful views of the Pacific ocean from Ermita Hill, walk back in time and learn about Spanish Era history in Museo de Baler, and sink your teeth into delicious beach-side cuisine. But more than anything, Baler is known for the many water sports and activities to try like snorkeling in clear waters, scuba diving and especially surfing. Baler is best known for the best waves in Asia. Tourists and surfers, beginners and professionals, from all over come to hang ten on the waters. 

We haven’t gone on a vacation for MONTHS. It’s been all work and no play for the whole family  and we were feeling burnt out already. We needed a break, a change of scenery. We didn’t need to go too far to get energized and have some well deserved rest, though. Baler was just the right distance to get away from it all for a day and spend some much needed quality time together.

Where We Stayed: Nalu Surf Camp

For this trip, we stayed over at Nalu Surf Camp for the day and booked the Traditional Room at Php 2,500. This is inclusive of free breakfast for 4.

This room fit seven of us perfectly, housing two beds, a private bathroom, and a spacious front porch for hanging out. If your family is not planning to stay overnight and is alright with simple but clean accommodations, I recommend booking this for your next family outing!

Nalu Surf Camp also has other types of accommodation available. They have rooms for bigger groups and hammocks for rent for solo travelers.

Nalu Surf Camp Baler Aurora

The best part? You’ll get to experience the best of Baler Aurora surfing here because it’s a beach-front property. The beach is just a few steps from your room so you’ll really hear the waves calling you.

Where We Ate: Hungry Surfer

After our afternoon surfing session, we headed over to a restaurant called Hungry Surfer, which is very close to Nalu Surf Camp.

Hungry Surfer offers Filipino food with big servings. We ordered a rice platter, garlic fried chicken which is their best seller and also a must-try on their menu, Pesang Tuna, and liempo.

It cost us Php 1,200 but we were filled up and satisfied. Not a bad price for feeding three kids and three adults!

Hungry Surfer Baler Aurora

What We Did: Surf, Eat, Rest - REPEAT!

The highlight of our stay was, of course, learning how to surf. Technically, only my eldest was able to get on the board and stand on it – and on her first try! She’s a gymnast at school and so she had the balance down pat. By the time she had her second surfing session in the afternoon, she was taking on bigger waves!

Baler Aurora Surfing
Surfing Lessons In Baler
Sabang Beach Baler Surfing

My two boys were also on surfboards but they just sat on them and enjoyed bobbing on the water’s surface. So if you’re planning your trip here with smaller kids who want to be in on the surfing action, you can rent a board without a surf coach for Php 250 and enjoy the sea together.

Sabang Beach Baler
Baler Aurora Surfing

I had the chance to go soak up some rays on the beach. Gotta have that Vitamin D to go with some Vitamin Sea! Having the chance to just lay on the beach, hear the waves crashing, and feel the warm sun on my skin did wonders for me. It was just the thing I needed after months of the regular grind. Needless to say, I didn’t bring my work with me that day. As it turns out, the signal was slow to non-existent over there. So if you’re a freelancer looking for a relaxing place to work, don’t expect to get anything done during your stay. Instead, visit the place and disconnect from your gadgets and work. The lack of internet connection, at least for Globe LTE, really makes it doubly sure that you just sit back and chill during your holiday.

Time seemed to slow down when we were out there. I didn’t realize until it was over that we were able to eat good food, surf, swim, lounge around, nap, then surf again in one day. The place was charming and our stay was so blissful that I wanted to stay!

Sabang Beach Baler Aurora

Baler Aurora Surfing Itinerary

We left Cainta at 2:00 AM and arrived at Baler at 8:30 AM. Leaving this early allowed us to avoid any traffic in Manila and were relieved that it stayed that way until we arrived at Nalu Surf Camp. After taking our things to the room and getting settled, we started surfing from 9 AM to 10 AM.

After that, we headed back to the room to have our complimentary breakfast and stayed at the resort’s beach front while munching on snacks. We soon got sleepy so we decided to take a quick nap until 2:00 PM. We had our second surfing session from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. 

After a long day at the beach, we took a bath then headed to Hungry Surfer for dinner to fuel up before heading back to Manila. By 6:30 PM, we left Baler and arrived back at Cainta by 2:00 AM because we had a lot of stop overs.

We wanted to take our time on the return trip to make the most of the full day we had together before going back to regular programming. But if you tend to get sleepy while driving, it’s best to leave earlier.

Baler Aurora Day Trip Budget

PHP 1000

Just a little over 6k for four adults, three kids, and one infant – not bad, eh? The whole trip was so fun and so affordable that we decided we’ll pay Baler a visit at least once a month so our minis can practice surfing while we lounge around and recharge.

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Where do you want us to go next? Comment down below!

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