Five Simple Resolutions for Revamping Your Home This 2015

Are you one of those people who like to list down resolutions every new year? I am! I have resolutions for myself, my business, and, as Lamudi Philippines suggests, our home too. If you're wondering what kind of resolutions you can make for you home, here are five simple suggestions from Lamudi:…

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B18 Readywrap Containers in Classic Noel Colors

Kitchen Basics: Uratex Ready-Wrap Containers (Giveaway Closed)

A must-have in my kitchen are food containers--lots of 'em--because I want the fridge to be organized all the time. I used to just throw in all the grocery items into the fridge and pantry, still in their respective plastic bags, then go on a search frenzy when it's time…


Make your home work with mabe

When Arjay and I moved to our own place, we were very particular about the appliances we bought for our apartment. Our appliances had to be reliable, durable, energy-saving, space-saving, and of course, affordable. Now that we are getting ready to have our permanent home built, we've started window shopping…