The Little Man’s First Haircut

Cuts 4 Tots Eastwood

We’ve been thinking of bringing the Little Man to Cuts 4 Tots for the longest time already. His hair has gotten so long that strands would get to his eyes; prompting him to scratch and scratch and scratch until his eyes turn red. Not good!

So, on Christmas day, we brought our boy to the Eastwood Mall branch of Cuts 4 Tots for his first haircut. We like this branch because aside from being right across Gymboree, it is never crowded. I always avoid crowds when we take the kids out, which is why Eastwood Mall is a favorite go-to place.

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All the kids who came before him were crying while having their hair cut, which worried me because the Little Man usually cries when he sees other kids cry.

When his turn came, I sat him on the race car chair and told him to be a good boy… then he did the cutest thing! He put his hands together and sat still the whole time. Everyone in the shop were so amazed at how well-behaved he was considering he was the youngest one in the bunch.

First Haircut at Cuts 4 Tots

We chose a comfortable and easy-to-fix cut for him because the Little Man tends to get a really sweaty head when it’s hot. He doesn’t even need to play for his head to start sweating like a broken faucet!

baby's first haircut

We also bought a bottle of Bear Necessities Extra Gentle Styling Gel so we can style his hair like a true Little Man every time we go out. 😀

styling gel for kids

It’s alcohol-free and non-sticky — perfect for little ones! 🙂 You can buy this from Cuts 4 Tots.

Cuts 4 Tots Branches:

  • Cuts 4 Tots Eastwood Mall, Tel. 720-9103
  • Cuts 4 Tots Glorietta 4, Tel. 817-0108
  • Cuts 4 Tots SM Megamall, Tel. 706-5169
  • Cuts 4 Tots SM Mall of Asia, Tel. 556-6550
  • Cuts 4 Tots SM North Edsa, Tel. 442-0021
  • Cuts 4 Tots Trinoma, Tel. 916-6114
  • Cuts 4 Tots Greenhills V-Mall, Tel. 727-6087
  • Cuts 4 Tots SM Pampanga, Tel. (045) 455-2623

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