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Weekend Treats

Weekend with family

How was your weekend? We had quite an eventful one! There’s The Princess’ school fair, which our family really enjoyed because of all the fun rides, good music, amazing dance numbers, and REALLY yummy food. Arjay and I also had a chance to watch Tragic Theater, a movie we’ve been wanting to see. I can’t say it’s a must-watch, but I think it’s a step forward for Filipino horror films. With just a little more push, I think we can actually make really good horror movies.

Milk Cow PH

Since we were out already, we decided to try out a new ice cream parlour in Eastwood Mall. Milk Cow offers a unique array of sweet toppings that go perfectly with their super creamy ice cream. Arjay had their Milky Honey variant (that’s ice cream topped with a honeycomb) while I chose their Macao Dream (that’s ice cream topped with a homemade macaron). Both are really yummy! There are many other toppings like cotton candy, chocolate bits, etc. Go check ’em out!

Starbucks 2015 Planner

Aaaand I finally redeemed my Starbucks 2015 Planner! I completed my stickers at the start of January, but couldn’t find a branch with the brown planner. So as not to waste pages (the more time I spend looking for the brown variant, the more pages I won’t be able to use), I settled with my next choice–the red planner. It’s perfect for my daily planning needs!

Anyway. Onto a fun discovery…

Digital Makeover

Have you tried the Barbie Digital Makeover app? Ohmygosh my daughter is crazy about it! You just let your iPad detect your face then it gives you a makeover. We have lots of other photos, but these are our favorites. Does blue sparkly makeup look good on me? =))

Pasig Rainforest Park

We ended our weekend at The Princess’ classmate’s birthday party at Pasig Rainforest Park. It was our first time there, but we’d love to come back! The kids only got to try boating…we’d like to come back to try the train ride around the park and their playgrounds. We’re also thinking of going there for our morning run. We didn’t realize it’s so near our place!

That’s how we spent our weekend. I hope to have more weekends like the one we just had–relaxed, family-focused, and fun for all of us. What did you do last weekend?

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