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A and I were out all day yesterday since we attended a friend’s wedding. Weddings can take so long! Would you believe the one we attended started at 2 in the afternoon and still wasn’t over at 11 in the evening? That’s fine, though, because it’s a kind of event among family and friends that must be celebrated! It’s the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life; a very exciting adventure that they will go on together.

Again, congratulations to our good friend, Phoebe, and her husband, Joel! We wish you all the best in your life as husband and wife! 🙂 PS: Please ignore our photobooth shots. We aren’t the best in posing for photos!

worst photobooth shots

See our smiles and our angles? Awful!

As I was saying… we were out all day yesterday. I’m not used to being away from the minis too long. I do crave for “me” times, but an hour or two (often, of sleep) always does it for me. But being away for almost 10 hours — that really got me missing my babies!

A and I wanted to wake the minis up when we arrived midnight last night, but we figured that it isn’t a very good idea to cut a little one’s sleep like that. Who’d want that, right? I’m sure I won’t! So, we waited early the next morning for them to wake up.

A needed to report to the regional headquarters earlier today so we woke up at about 5 in the morning. Being our child that always wants to go with whichever of his parents is leaving, The Little Man woke up as well and immediately held on to his dad. He even asked A to put his new coat on!

mom blog philippines

What a darling, isn’t he? Who wouldn’t take this adorable little one out on a morning drive? WHO WOULDN’T?!

But since A’s meeting at the RHQ is official business, my mom and sister just took him with them on their morning drive to my sister’s school. The look on our boy’s face is so precious, you just have to give him what he wants. LOL!

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