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Youl's Friends Chicken Fillet

Love At First Taste at Youl’s Friends Korean Food Haus

The first time I tried Korean food was when I ate out with officemates in a Korean restaurant in London. I remember being welcomed by a strong, unfamiliar smell that my officemates said is that of Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made of seasoned vegetables. Since I had no idea what was…


We Brought the Carmageddon Upon Ourselves

Anywhere you look in social media, whichever gathering you attend, someone will almost always bring up the crazy traffic situation the Philippines is facing now. I never really complained about it before because I don't live or work in Metro Manila where the the so-called Carmageddon is a daily occurrence. But now…


Local Celebrities Rally Nation to Fight Nerve Damage

(MANILA, Philippines) – Neurobion®, the World’s number 1 B-Vitamins according to IMS Health, partners with actress, singer and mother ZsaZsa Padilla and international director and producer Paul Soriano to raise awareness on Neuropathy or nerve damage. The two brand ambassadors will help reach a wider audience for the advocacy campaign…

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