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The Second Time Is A Charm: My Lazada Philippines Shopping Experience

Last year, I tried shopping from Lazada Philippines for the first time and had a really bad experience with them. My items basically got lost in space so I had to go back and forth between Lazada and 2Go until one Lazada Customer Representative (thankfully, after two months) went out of her way and really looked into my case. That was the only time they figured out where my items were. I needed those items for Christmas, but received them the following year. Oh well. At least I received the items.

So I stayed away from Lazada Philippines even if I was itching to shop again.

Then this month, I started scouting for items for our new home. I’m a member of and when I saw that they’re having a promo with Lazada Philippines on household items, I thought I’d give Lazada another shot. Since I’m still a bit hesitant about their services because of my first experience with Lazada Philippines, I only bought two small items from them. What I got:


On the left is the Ikea Intense Cleaning Door Mat (PhP 389) and on the right is the Ikea Enudden Hanger for Door (PhP 399). Instead of paying via credit card, I went for Cash On Delivery. Upon placing my order on October 17th, I was immediately notified via e-mail that the delivery date for both items will be some time between October 25-27.

What I like about Lazada Philippines now is that they keep you in the loop about the status of your order. After placing my order on October 17, I received an e-mail on October 20 informing me that my items are already being shipped with Lazada Express (LEX). By October 22, I received another e-mail (and a text message) that my orders are on the way.


By afternoon that day, the Lazada guy knocked on our doorstep and handed me my orders. Hooray!

My second experience with Lazada Philippines is much less stressful than the first time I tried them out. Two thumbs up to their team for improving the customer experience! I will definitely shop again–eyeing on the Ikea Clothes Rack with Shoe Rack and that cute cone-shaped humidifier.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Gary

    I really don’t know how Lazada will ever survive in a business world. I ordered my Christmas exclusively with Lazada and most items made it. One, an electronic game that cost P1300 wasn’t moving. I contacted Lazada in order to cancel the order since it wasn’t going to make it by Christmas. Oh the lies! I was told “rest assured it will be delivered on or before Dec 31” which was OK even that it was late (because of the typhoon). But when this date came around, the item was still “accepted by Lazada” according to LBC. I contacted Lazada again and I got “rest assured the package is on its final leg” which the idiot customer “care” person doesn’t realize people are a bit smarter than she ever thought. I can see LBC and they are saying the same thing I have been seeing for weeks now, “accepted by Lazada” so I knew I was being lied to again. Then a few weeks later I get an email saying it would be here in a few days which was yet another lie. It took 41 days for this item to make it. The gift, I still have it and the little boy I was giving it to went home without any Christmas because of Lazadas lies. This little boy lives somewhere way far from real roads and no delivery service I know of would deliver to them. Maybe he will be back after school gets out this year… I don’t know. Lazada, you are a dirty company. I look on your facebook and everybody that ‘works’ for you are just sitting around, laughing, and taking selfies to post on fb while people’s Christmas’s are being ruined.

  2. Ahyran

    Currently on the same boat. Ordered, was advised being delivered, not received, contacted CS and received an extremely disappointing service, still waiting…..
    As much as I hate the customer service, I love the product discounts.
    Hoping for improvement.

  3. mumwrites (@vixquips)

    that is a quite a disappointing experience, good thing they make things right by making sure your second transaction is smooth as pudding. I shop online from time to time and it is good that i do not have to deal with stressful delays or other issues

  4. Mommy Peach

    I haven’t tried shopping at Lazada yet.. hmm, will do on my next online shopping.

  5. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    Been online shopping for a while now but haven’t tried Lazada pa. Maybe on Nov 11 during online revolution, they have got exciting deals!

  6. Mommy Anna

    I tried Lazada many times one time lang me nag ka problem because of the damaged powerbank it took five months before they refund me the money.

  7. Alarcon Alfonso Noel Ruth

    In fairness. I haven’t tried online shopping at Lazada but I’ve heard negative reports about them selling fake beauty products. Good thing tho, they improved their services. Sayang ang customers!

  8. Maan Laxa

    Great to hear! I’ve had mixed experiences with Lazada; the first several ones were all good but the last 2 transactions were so horrible I vowed never to give them my business again. But now that I’m craving for a nee phone, I think I have no choice but to transact with them again haha.

  9. Queen Elizabeth

    i haven’t tried shopping at Lazada yet but my husband gave me a list of the things he like to buy there.. i didn’t know he was window shopping online already! Lol!

  10. mrsmartinezsweetie

    At least nag improve naman pala hehe


  11. Balot

    Heard lots of not-so-good experiences with Lazada too thus had not tried them but good for you for a satisfactory service, at least they improved 🙂

  12. islesgilian

    I haven’t tried Lazada, but based on reviews, they had a not so good reputation. Maybe they have improved now. 🙂

  13. Cheanne

    I’ve tried Lazada once and the delivery came really late in the night. Apart from that, it went smoothly. This reminds me to check things out from there again.

  14. Jhanis

    Good to hear your transaction went better this time! I always try to give room for error in all services that I pay for but it sure sucks when it happens.

  15. Pearl Paguio

    Glad to know that you got better service this time. Unfortunately we got 2 bad experiences with Lazada. Quite horrible actually. I don’t see us buying anytime soon with them specially with their current issue of selling fake etude and tony moly products.

  16. mrsbry126

    We had a bad experience with Lazada last year also. I’m still wary on buying from them because of the issues now about selling fake stuff.

  17. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    Me and my husband are satisfied customers too. We bought a walker recently, and we receive it the day after we order. Hoping for more transaction with Lazada.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      I think it’s more durable than the ones that you just stick to the door since it’s hanging from the door’s ledge talaga. Love it!

  18. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I’ve bought a couple of stuff from Lazada. Actually the second one was purchased by my former client for me – my new kindle. The first one I bought was Zumba Exhilarate. Satisfied ako so far. 🙂 Ambilis magdeliver.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Delivery is quick now compared to the first time I bought items from them. The first time kasi took over two months! I was so dissatisfied with how they handled my case back then so I stayed away from Lazada for over a year. But I’m glad they’ve improved a lot already. Customer service and delivery people are more courteous now. 🙂

      1. May De Jesus-Palacpac

        I stayed away from ALL online shops after my first and traumatic experience with another online shop. I just eased up again after more than a year, I think. But I’m definitely not purchasing anything from the merchant and online store again ever.

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